Like The Lotus, You Decide


Just wanted to share an interaction I had this morning with a patient.


Introducing “The Lotus”


I’ll refer to him as “Lotus” because we were goofing around on google during his IV Vitamin C treatment and we found out that his name translated to “Lotus” in a certain language.


Lotus is an extraordinary man. He’s been all around and has seen a lot. He has a beautiful wife and a couple of fine kids. Some other fun facts. He’s a badass motorcyclist and a big fan of novelist, Carl Hiaasen.


But what makes Lotus extra amazing is that he still lives today!


Bad news for The Lotus


Nine years ago, Lotus was diagnosed with cancer. The cancer had advanced to such a degree that the doctors he had been seeing were convinced he had less than a year to live.


When he asked what else he could do, Lotus was told, “Nothing. Get your affairs in order.”


Naturally, I wanted to know what he did!

“Was it a vegan diet!?”
“Several coffee enemas, daily?”
“Not a single one!”
“Tons of supplements?”
“Maybe a few.”
“Is that a videogame?”
“Okay, really. What did ya do, Lotus!?”


Lotus replied, “I made the decision that I had to continue living. I’ve had a pretty good life so far. But my kids are still young, and there are a lot of things I need to do!”


Really… That’s it?


And there you have it. Yes, he’s doing other things – hold the coffee enemas! And those other things are incredibly important. But those things begin with his decision to still be with us today.


Sure, the dweeb in the white lab coat who says you’re done no matter what you do has a slight basis for saying that, but there are no one-hundred-percents in medicine.


Your brain as the Master Chemist


Your state of mind produces chemistry that impacts your body. I like a little analogy by Bruce Lipton. Your mind creates images that are turned into complementary chemistry that, in part, contributes to the manifestation of the individual that is you.


Bad pictures create bad chemistry and likely poorer health outcomes. Now I don’t agree it’s as easy to flip the switch as some of these mind-body experts out there say. But it certainly can be done.


Lotus decided to create images that fostered chemistry that likely explains why nine years later he is still with us today.


Thanks Lotus, you’re pretty awesome.




Further Reading


Lipton, Bruce H. The Biology of Belief 10th Anniversary Edition: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter & Miracles. Hay House, Inc, 2015




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