What the Fe? The skinny on iron.

Are you tired of being tired? You ask yourself “Why have I been dragging my feet on a daily basis?” It certainly doesn’t help that it’s Monday, right? You smack your alarm clock and roll out of bed, unready to take on the day.


“Why is it so chilly?” You check your thermostat, set to a comfortable 76 degrees. Hmm… that’s strange. Downstairs you go to get your coffee ready and have a little something for breakfast. You feel like your legs are super heavy and you lose a tiny bit of breath as you walk back upstairs to shower. You noticed more of your hair getting caught in the drain than usual. You remember, you were going to pick up some of that biotin stuff you saw posted on Facebook.


Off you go. The drive is no better. In and out of thought. You worry about the things you need to complete this week. You feel your heart skip a beat as the small bit of background anxiety you experience seems to elevate. “Ugh… not this again.” All the while you are irritated by all the dumb things happening on the road. Things that never irritated you before.


Things aren’t much better at the office. This project you’ve been working has been a struggle because of this constant brain fog you’ve been dealing with. The caffeine from your morning cup of java wears off and you’re tanked. Time to get up for another! “Why is it so chilly in here? Can someone turn up the thermostat!” You get through another grueling 5 hours and head out.


You force yourself into the gym and jump on the treadmill. Only 10-minutes pass by before you you’re huffing and puffing. Everything burns. What gives? You aren’t even pushing yourself that hard. Another lousy workout in the books.


The quality time planned with the kids before dinner doesn’t happen. The energy just isn’t there. Instead, being on the couch watching TV seems more reasonable. Four hours go by, which seemed like 30 minutes, and you realize it’s time for bed. Getting to bed isn’t easy. You constantly toss and turn and have this incessant need to move your legs around. Eventually you fall asleep. The alarm goes and it’s back to the grind.


A few more months of this go on and you’ve decide you’ve had enough. You’ve been to your primary care provider in the past for this issue, but he’s always said that you’re as healthy as a horse!


You decide to visit a Naturopathic Medical Doctor, you’ve heard good things about him from a friend at work and you set up an appointment. The first visit, you’re super skeptical, but you’re intrigued by some of the things he’s saying and impressed by how much detail he is collecting about your story.


The conversation goes something like this: 
“Sounds like you might be deficient in iron.” 
“My doctor has checked. Here’s my lab work.”
 “Sure, but he hasn’t checked in the way I want to.”


My good friend, Dr. Guillermo Ruiz and I put together this resource on iron as it relates to your health. 

Get the skinny on iron here!


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