Robust Health Radio episode 2: Dr. Gabrielle Lyon on Protein & Muscle-centric Medicine



I’m really excited to share Epsiode 2 of Robust Health Radio with you!


Our guest is fitness aficionada, protein and metabolism expert AND functional medicine practitioner, Dr. Gabrielle Lyon! Yup, she’s totally a rockstar!



In this episode Dr. Lyon teaches us:


  • The important role of muscle tissue beyond it’s locomotive function in healthy aging.


  • How muscle protects you from common age related maladies including diabetes and heart disease.


  • Why what you’ve learned about dietary protein is likely wrong.


  • Why you need more protein as you age.


  • The nutritional variance between different protein sources.


  • Why protein and mTOR are longevity friendly.


  • Practical applications for ensuring you preserve your physical functioning and age gracefully.


We had a lot of fun and I learned a lot myself during this discussion! Give it a listen!


Follow Dr. Gabrielle Lyon’s work:



References from the show:


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The healthy nexus of aging!


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