Robust Health Radio Episode 4: Your Lifestyle Strategy with Shawna Curry


Amazon Bestselling Author, Shawna Curry is committed to helping people become the happiest and healthiest versions of themselves. Over nearly two decades, she has made her mark in the health and wellness space with live speaking engagements, published health articles and personalized health and fitness training. Through all of this, Shawna has also continued working as a Registered Nurse, Professional Coach and Fitness Instructor. This variety of experience has built a community of clients who benefit from her special form of intimate and inspiring health and wellness information.


In this episode, we chat with Shawna about her book, Healthy By Choice: Your Blueprint for Vital Living. Her book is an amazing resource that bundles all of the fundamental principles you need to take charge of your health and express your fullest potential.



In this episode, Shawna teaches us:


  • 04:00 The four pillars of health and it’s top.


  • 08:30 The highest yielding pillars. Yes you are a unique snowflake, but your answer is likely not.


  • 13:00 Common disconnects when it comes to sleep.


  • 19:20 Nutritional as a pillar. How the commonalities across different dietary paradigms provide an answer.


  • 32:00 Food security, CSAs and community involvement.


  • 36:00 Frequent mistakes made when it comes to exercise.


  • 48:00 The five “Ps” of mental health. P.S. Take your vacation!


  • 57:00  Digestion on top of the pillars… slow down and chew your damn food!


  • 1:01 The right mental frame surrounding your labels and diagnoses.



Learn more about Shawna Curry:


Your Lifestyle Strategy

Click here for Shawna’s book!

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