Out of State Client Services

Services are provided to out of state clients with established diagnoses or without diagnoses.

Please note, services provided by Dr. Mitchell are not treatment for any condition and are not diagnostic.

The purposes of these services are to:

  • Help you better understand your condition if you have been diagnosed
  • Discuss how a set of symptoms presenting to the rheumatology clinic may be investigated
    • This includes imaging, laboratory, referrals, etc
  • Provide ideas you may take to your primary care provider or other healthcare providers
  • Discuss how a particular disease may be approached from both a standard of care and Naturopathic perspective
    • This includes medications prescribed by a rheumatologist
    • This includes supplements, nutritional interventions or other alternative interventions provided by a Naturopath
  • Discuss the standard of care and keeping health maintenance up to date
  • Answering general questions and discussing laboratory findings in an educational nature

Consultations are provided over zoom, skype or telephone

Costs are out of network and are as follows:

$95 per 30 minutes

Consultations can be scheduled online here or you can call our office at 480 609 4200 to set up an appointment.