An Introduction to Robust Health Radio!




In episode one of Robust Health Radio, I share with you a little bit about my journey, why I chose Naturopathic Medicine, and the content the podcast will cover!





Cliff notes:


  • The next few obstacles before he’s out in the trenches… a few classes and board exams in June.


  • Overall assessment, things seem to be in order. Still awaiting novel treatments for chronic unilateral tinnitus.


  • Archer and climbing are essential nutrients in the maintenance of my sanity.


  • Atopic disease and walking a path of thorns led to a discovery.


  • Naturopathic Medicine meant I could be a detective and teach all these neat things about health.


  • My plan is to focus primarily on an area of medicine referred to as Rheumatology.




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Breaking down rheumatology, rheumatoid arthritis, lupus and more. Information that your doctor should be giving you!
All with a Naturopathic Perspective!