Podcast Episode #6: Pro Health Coach Tips with Ellen Jaworski


In episode #6 of Robust Health Radio, Ellen and I discuss her journey into the world of nutrition, health and the tools she uses with her clients in helping them optimize their well being.




In this episode we discuss:


5:00 The story of the legendary Ellen Jaworski

12:00 Toblerone Tunnels, body image, womens health

15:00 The right time for weight loss?

18:00 Why Ellen uses a paleo diet with her clients

21:00 Coaching facilitating healthy relationships with food

26:00 Staying healthy on the road          

32:00 Optimizing your choices at restaurants and with friends

38:00 Mitigating the impact of slip ups

40:00 What if mom said finish everything on my plate?

45:00 Ellen’s go to for eating out


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