Podcast Episode #7 with Coach Michael Bann

Pleased to introduce my friend, Coach Michael Bann!


I ran into the coach at AHS last year and had some fun conversations with him about your autonomic nervous system and detoxification. Mike is well versed in functional and integrative approaches to helping people heal their bodies. After learning about his very broad and comprehensive background, I felt compelled to have him on the show for you all to hear from.


Mike is doing amazing things and is changing the lives of many every day. Even better news… he’ll soon be a physician! 



In this episode, Coach Bann teaches us:


9:00 A different perspective on the origin and experience of pain.


12:00 Unconventional sources of pain


14:45 Where most folks should start – THE BASICS


19:50 Mechanics and dysfunctional movement patterns. Other inputs of your nervous system, innate wisdom to move right hindered by disturbance to body systems peripheral to musckuloskeletal system


25:00 The focus in physio cricles on aberrant movement patterns and kinesiophobia


28:30 Caution with HIT training as a means for sustainable fat loss.


36:00 Signs of too much gas pedal


40:00 Workout nutrition


43:00 Protein requirements. Are some men eating way too much red meat? Are some women not eating enough?


50:00 Supplement suggestion from the coach


53:00 Biomarkers and labs as signposts


Where to connect with Coach Michael Bann:









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