Podcast Episode # 11: Your Blood Code with Dr. Richard Maurer


Okay, so you’re not really like a duck and Dr. Richard Maurer doesn’t think so either. And this episode isn’t really about ducks.


But he makes an interesting argument as to why fatty liver and metabolic syndrome is an adaptive response aimed to help us survive as part of the original plan.



Listen on to learn more!


In this episode, Dr. Maurer teaches us:


2:30 How “-isms” in diet relate to the rest of our lives.

06:45 The prevalence of metabolic syndrome and how it comes to be

10:45  Insights from rice-loving ducks in Maine

14:30 The role of the hormone insulin and two patterns of dysfunction

18:15 Why there is more skin in the game for the unhealthy thin

25:00 Lab metrics for metabolic syndrome

32:00 Other explanations for elevated fasting morning sugars

36:30 Iron overload and it’s relevance to diabetes

43:00 More tangible metrics for diabetes prevention

45:00 Discovery of the ideal diet


Connecting with Dr. Maurer


The blood code website

The blood code book

Dr. Maurer on twitter


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