Podcast Episode #14 Micronutrient Status with Dr. Chris Masterjohn

Hey all.


Really excited to share episode #14 of Robust Health Radio with you!


Our guest this time around is Dr. Chris Masterjohn.


Today we chat about some of the most critical concepts you need to understand in nutrition both for those of you providing guidance and those of you trying to make sense of the nauseating amount of information on nutrition out there.


There’s a lot of little fun bits of info throughout the episode… like black trumpet chanterelle mushrooms… molybdenum and its relevancy to the earliest phase of mom-hood, and minute amounts of poisons in our foods that make us stronger!



Here are some of the highlights! In this episode Dr. Masterjohn teaches us:


  • 2:15 The concept of micronutrition and it’s relevance to your health and what you might not know about “antioxidants.”
  • 7:30 Green tea supplements and making use of antioxidant supplements.
  • 14:00 Average estimations of requirements versus your individual needs and the concepts of deficiency, sufficiency and optimum intakes.
  • 19:00 Misconceptions about daily recommended intakes and different principles in application between different nutritional spheres.
  • 26:00 What you might not know about Niacin and Vitamin B6.
  • 30:00 CMJs 5 rules for optimization of your micronutrient status.
  • 35:00 Have you heard of Molybdenum? Sulfites, Thiamine, and Morning sickness in pregnancy
  • 38:30 The nutritional gaps you should monitor on a vegetarian and vegan diet, there’s more than B12!
  • 47:30 Nutritional gaps you should monitor on a ketogenic diet


The Ultimate Resource in Managing Nutritional Status


In the episode we also discuss an incredibly powerful tool that Chrise put together in managing micronutrient status- Testing Nutritional Status: The Ultimate Cheat Sheet. 


It really is an indispensible resource whether you’re a clinician trying to take care of your patients or just make more sense out of things yourself. I’ve purchased it myself and use it regularly in my clinical practice and in supporting the growth of my understanding of nutrition.


It’s regularly priced at 30$, but listeners of this episode can use this link and use the code ROBUSTHEALTH at checkout to get it for 25$.


Click here to get your copy!


More on on Chris’s work:







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