An interview with Yvette Brisco. Taking on fatigue in MS

Hey everyone!

Just recently had a great converation with Yvette Brisco on multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease.

New numbers were released that show there are nearly a million people living with multiple sclerosis in the United States today. That’s more than twice what was previously reported.

With those high levels of MS that we are seeing throughout the world today, NOW is the time (more than ever) that we have an opportunity to proactively take control of our own health. It is possible to live a life full of vitality despite an MS diagnosis.

Our discussion this time was centered on fatigue in multiple sclerosis and autoimmune disease. Some of the points discussed were controlling overall disease activity and looking under the hood for common coexisting conditions!

This summit is happening now, and you can access it free here!

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