Podcast Episode 15 Muscle Fiber Types, Health and Longevity with Kara Kilian

Kara Lazauskas is a former NCAA athlete, Speed and Explosion Director for Point Guard College and Muscle Research Coordinator at Cal State University Fullerton’s Molecular Muscle Exercise Physiology Lab. She has coached athletes and clients from the elite professional to the stay-at-home mother. He current research involves muscle fiber type specific protein signaling in athletes during high intensity interval exercise.


In this episode, Kara teaches us:



15:00 The different flavors of muscle fiber types and how it relates to activity selection

18:00 Fiber profile as an indicator of certain lifestyle inputs

22:40 Muscle fiber types that predict longevity and how to maintain them

28:00 How these fiber types protect against aging and longevity

31:00 Kara’s protein and nutritional recommendations for muscle preservation

39:00 What is AMPK and why it needs to be turned on every now and then

46:40 The AMPK-MTOR seesaw effect and how Metformin works similarly.


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