Robust Health Radio Episode # 19 with Luis Villasenor

Luis Villaseñor (aka DarthLuiggi) is the founder of KETOGAINS. Luis has always been passionate about fitness due to a personal interest in improving his own physique. Always curious in learning the “whys and how’s” of how it all works, he has been studying and researching nutrition and strength training since he was 17. Upon discovering ketogenic diets in 2001, Luis has been on a low carb regime ever since, which he has used to favorably recomposition his body and improve his health. Due to this, Luis decided to develop KETOGAINS to share his experiences and knowledge and help people attain their health and fitness goals. Luis is regarded as one of the most experienced and knowledgeable persons on Low-Carb / Ketogenic dieting, and is the “go to guy” when applying a Low-Carb diet for Bodybuilding and Strength Training by well-known and respected insiders, leaders, influencers of the low carb/paleo and general fitness community. In this episode, Luis and I discuss: 5:00 The inception of Ketogains 8:00 Resistance to high fat dietary approaches 16:00 Why protein won’t kick you out of ketosis the centerpiece for the ketogains approach 20:00 Resistance to exactitude, identifying voids in your life 27:15 The concept of not chasing ketones 34:00 What drives fat loss, hint… it isn’t ketones nor eat more fat 43:45 A better approach for electrolytes than just liberally salting everything + Luis’s supplement recommendations 51:00 Are there training deficits on a ketogenic dietary strategy? Connecting with Luis: Luis and the Ketogains team Ketogains community on facebook Luis on Instagram
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