Robust Health Radio Episode 21 with Dr. Adrian Chavez

Dr. Chavez and I crossed paths on Instagram, where I came across a post her put together tearing apart bulletproof coffee.

Dr. Chavez has a PhD in Nutrition from Arizona State University. The focus of his studies during his training was insulin sensitivity as it relates to cardiovascular and metabolic disease.

In this episode, Dr. Chavez and I discuss his top nutritional myths:

“Insulin is part of the fat storage process, therefore carbs and insulin make you fat.” And, what you might not know about blood vessel function as it relates to insulin.

“LDL Cholesterol doesn’t matter when it comes to cardiovascular risk,” plus how to best way to screen for cardiovascular risk.

I don’t know if I fully agree with Dr. Chavez on these next two, but he has some interesting insights and we did find some middle ground:

“Vegetable oils is very bad for you.”

“Saturated fat improves insulin sensitivity.”

Lastly, “Carbs cause inflammation,” and why a response to a ketogenic may be diagnostic of deeper issues.

Connecting with Dr. Chavez:


@yournutritionprescription on instagram

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