Robust Health Radio Episode 3: Lies Your Doctor Tells You With Dr. Ken Berry


In this episode Dr. Berry and I discuss a few points in his book impacting the majority of folks out there struggling with their weight and metabolic health. Dr. Berry is a medical doctor with over 20 years of practice, board certified in Family Medicine. Through his own health journey and willingness to think outside the box, he has helped countless individuals reverse their type two diabetes and recover from a myriad of chronic health maladies!



In this episode Dr. Ken Berry teaches us:



  • 4:00 Four main questions your doctor often misses that provide insight on your overall health.


  • 21:00 What makes your doctor a good team player when it comes to your health journey.


  • 23:00 The story on the lipid hypothesis and the downstream effects in nutrition and medicine.


  • 32:55 Something you should do right now. Like, right now. Did you do it?


  • 34:00 How good nutrition results in the resolution of issues peripheral to diabetes and obesity.


  • 42:00 The skinny on dairy


  • 46:13 The issue with the conventional approach in addressing potential thyroid disease.


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