Robust Health Radio Episode 5: Drew Manning on Ketogenic Dieting


In Episode 5 of Robust Health Radio we have a great conversation with man behind the Fit2Fat2Fit experience. Drew Manning put himself through a humbling 6 month course of weight gain in order to have a better understanding of what those who struggle with being overweight.


Drew is a personal trainer whose spent years helping folks become the best versions of themselves. In this episode we chat about his experience gaining 70 pounds on purpose and losing it. We also discuss his methods for helping folks optimize their body composition and their health with a ketogenic dietary approach.




In this episode Drew teaches us:


9:15 Tips for overcoming emotional obstacles with nutrition


14:40 Why Drew uses ketogenic diets with his clients


16:40 Implementation of ketogenic dieting


19:00 Exogenous Ketones, yay or nay?


21:00 Resolution of health issues peripheral to weight loss on ketogenic diets


23:00 Expectations and troubleshooting when starting a ketogenic diet


29:00 Metrics for progress and determining whether ketogenic dieting fits for you


33:00 Pro nutrition tip from Sensei Drew: Your needs change over time


39:00 Drew’s fitness and movement philosophy


Learn more about Drew Manning:


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Drew’s Website






















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